November 17, 2010


"On Wednesday's we wear pink!"
Hello all, it's Wednesday, a very lazy work Wednesday. Wednesday of the longest week in the history of existence because Harry Potter is tomorrow! I have all my fun stuff for the premiere ready like my DIY sweatshirt complete with LOTS of glitter, my wand, and my Harry Potter glasses. Yes, I am one of THOSE nerds. :) I wasn't going to post today honestly, but I got tagged by Malori of Sunday Morning Sugar, so I had to! Ironically, this topic, Body Image, has been weighing on me all morning. That was even before I read the post that she made. So crazy. But I have really been down on myself. I wish I could say I had a positive self image, but I don't. After dealing with eating problems and weight issues, I can say it's one of the hardest things for me to cope with. But I do believe in being positive and looking at yourself in the mirror in a positive light because it really does do a 180 on how you feel, for me at least. 

I would love to be able to do this everyday because I do have a lot that I like about myself and that's a phenomenal thing. Malori's post really turned my day around because of this tag. So here it goes!!

First: I want you to write three things you like about yourself. I can be anything! Do you like that you're brave enough to wear purple shoes every day of the year? Awesome. Tell me about it!

Second: I want you to link your blog post to three other bloggers and challenge them to write good things about themselves as well.

Last: If you take part in this challenge, link back to me so I can see what you say! It's time for us to take control of our self-esteem and the best way to do that is to remind ourselves that we're pretty great.

1. I love my ass. I love that I have a great butt that looks good in jeans and skirts and that I get compliments on.
2. I love that I am a big dreamer and I have lots of goals and determination to reach them.
3. I think I have fabulously shaped lips that are perfect for red lipstick and any lipgloss. :)

I am tagging: 
and of course anyone else with a blog or not can comment below!!

Happy Wednesday loves. Make it a good one!! :


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  1. hahahahha. this is rad. 'on wednesdays we wear PINK'. hahahhahah..i love mean girls!!

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