November 10, 2011

Favorite Pictures: September and October

I literally can't believe it's November. Freaking crazy, ridiculous stuff!!! I cannot wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas now that Halloween is over, so let's get rid of those months and get on to the good ones!
Brother and I at Stepmom's Surprise 40th

Twin and I in front of the Key Lime Meringue Cupcakes I baked for the party

ASU vs Mizzou game with the boy

After the big ASU win against Missouri

Dbacks Game vs Padres

Decorating for Schnookie's 7th birthday

Schnookie's birthday party

Mini golfing double date

Some of my favorites after our double date

At the driving range

 Before the T.Swift concert


Best friend and I at the Taylor Swift concert


Halloween Round 1: Nala

Nala and Simba

Halloween Round 2: Pilot and Stewardess

Halloween Round 3: Marcel the Shell and Alan the Lint Dog

Two Month Anniversary

Before the Dbacks game vs the Rockies

Family dinner: the girls

The original 6+Curtis


November 7, 2011

DIY: Melting Crayons


Looking for a fun way to spruce a bland bedroom or liven up a living room? This is the perfect fun DIY and you probably already have all of the things you need in your craft supplies! If you're like me, you've seen pictures of these all over Pinterest and the internet. It took me 25 minutes tops with clean up.

You'll Need:

  • Crayons (lots of them, old or new, in any colors/color scheme you'd like!)
  • Hair Dryer
  • Glue Gun
  • Canvas/Thick piece of cardboard/foam board (any size you'd like)
  • Newspaper, Old Towels, etc (to cover your area)
What to Do:

1. COVER YOUR SPACE with newspapers, paper towels, anything you don't mind getting ruined. Seriously this might be the most important step. None of the websites I found warned me about the mess that melted crayons will make if you don't cover your surface.

2. Decide on your colors or color scheme and organize your crayons before you begin gluing them to your canvas/cardboard. I chose to do pinks, purples, reds with some gray and white to match my bathroom color scheme. 

3.  Using your hot glue gun, glue each crayon point side down on your canvas while it is laying flat.               (You don't need to take the paper off the crayons because you can always trim off the crayons after it dries.) I love the look with the Crayola on it. 

4.  Stand up your canvas with the crayons on the top and using your hair dryer on the highest setting            starting to run it across horizontally pointing it either downwards or just right at the middle of the crayons to begin the melting.

5. BE PATIENT while running your hair dryer across. It's slow to start, but once they start melting, it all happens quickly. Avoid pointing your hair dryer in any other directions besides downwards or straight at the crayons because you'll end up with melted crayon across the room, I promise, plus you can see that I did that in the picture above and ended up shooting melted purple all the way under the red. 

6. Stop when you achieve the desired effect and let it dry, now clean up any melted (now probably dried) crayon. Scraping was the best way for me.

7. Display as desired for a really cool accent to any room. :)


November 5, 2011

Crazy about Colors


Working retail has really opened my eyes up to brand new trends once found only on the runways of New York and Paris. In the past few months I've learned to be more daring with my outfit choices while still keeping with my preppy flare. One of the coolest trends that I didn't take much advantage of this summer has completely transitioned into the fall: BRIGHTS!! For the past few weeks the store I work in has been getting in the craziest, most fun brightly colored jeans that I've been dying over.

Colored denim is one of the coolest fall trends currently and it's everywhere. (Here, here, here, and here, just in case you didn't believe me.) Fall brings colored denim to skinny jeans and jean leggings perfect for tucking into your favorite boots. Also it's a great opportunity to heat up your wardrobe this winter with bright gorgeous colors.

How to Wear: If you look at the pictures above, it's obvious that this pop of color on bottom should be balanced with neutrals: black, beige, ivory on top. Neutral colored patterns can also be worn without looking too much. I'm excited to wear my colored jeans with a black or gray blazer and pumps to dress them up or even a plain white t-shirt to dress them down. (Check out my Fashion/Beauty Pinterest board for new ideas, I'm constantly pinning new ways to wear colored jeans!)

Where to Purchase:


August 29, 2011

Incessant ranting

I'm warning you before I start the ACTUAL ranting that if you plan on reading this and then subsequently heading to my tumblr or to Beauty Forum and sending a b****y anonymous comment of some sort, don't read this at all. Seriously. I know I speak for Hannah as well when I say this because we're both over it. Plain and simple.

People are asking us where we are, why we're not posting as often, etc. We started Beauty Forum almost three months ago in the middle of summer. Hannah and I were both bored and dealing with other stressful things in our lives and looking for something fun to do. We had never seen anything like BF on tumblr that targeted college girls, answered questions, and offered recommendations. We never claimed to be experts or makeup artists or anything of the sort. The people who followed us knew us. We're college girls who have obsessions with makeup and beauty products. We do a lot of research, we read a lot, and we try a lot of products. We have knowledge.

We got flooded with lots of questions leading to lots of awesome detailed posts. That's something we pride ourselves in: our sometimes lengthy, but in depth posts. We spend sometimes up to two hours on a single post answering one question because we want to give each question the time it deserves. We do a lot of research giving you the facts and finding products we love. While answering your questions, we never recommend use of any products we haven't used ourselves. If we truly haven't/don't use the product you're looking for, we always direct to a place that will offer you reviews and you can make that decision yourself. We found that a lot of our readers, thanks to Prep Talk, aren't all on Tumblr, but on Twitter and Blogger as well. Our twitter serves the purpose of our followers being able to see when and what we've posted on Beauty Forum and other articles we like, or brands having sales etc. Our Blogger is exactly like our Tumblr because some people do not have Tumblr, but still want the opportunity to comment and follow us, so we have that as a venue for them to still interact with us. It's not laziness, it's catering to our readers.

It is now almost September, Hannah and I are back in school five days a week with full schedules even outside of our school schedules and studying time, we're involved in other things:  for me, it's work, family, and a social life (I know, I know how dare I?). Like Hannah said so eloquently, we're college students first and beauty bloggers second. We love what we're doing, Beauty Forum is our baby. We're not abandoning anything and we're transitioning into a better, more efficient posting schedule to suit our schedules.  I'm sorry if you think we're subpar or not very good or "just a bunch of rich girls who have a lot of money to spend," don't read then because stooping to the level of anonymous hate is cowardly and totally not classy at all. We're not whining or complaining, we're explaining to those who obviously don't understand our system or our lives.  You don't know Hannah and I personally, so don't attack us. We're people who have a beauty blog that we happen to love and enjoy, so ruining that for us isn't cool.

If you stuck around to read all that and you're not Hannah, thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to hear me out because this has been weighing on my heart for a few weeks now and was about to explode if I couldn't talk. Thank you for all the support you've given Hannah and I on Beauty Forum, we wouldn't be here without your questions, love, and encouragement. We're so happy to be running Beauty Forum.


August 27, 2011

Favorite Pictures: August

Seriously, I CANNOT BELIEVE AUGUST IS OVER. I know. It's September next Thursday and I'm kind of not ready. Summer is finished, but on a brighter note I am one month closer to graduation. I thoroughly enjoy the end of the month because of my favorites: pictures and then of course my favorite products video (which is already filmed and edited, just waiting to upload!) August was a really exciting month. Lots of fun firsts and happy memories.

 Courtney & I as Santana & Rachel, respectively
 The Girls before Glee Live 3D at Midnight: Nicole (Quinn), Alyssa (Emma), Me, & Court
 Best Friend Bathroom Pictures
 All of Us including Curtis as Finn and Charles as Artie
 Mets Game. Mmm hubby, David Wright going up to bat.
 We can all see who my favesie is.
 Boy and I outside his house
 Yes, he lost. :)
Badminton girls
 Kissy pictures
And fishy pictures.

 D-backs game
 Challah bread
 Gateau St Honore with spun sugar on top
Apricot Bavarian Cream Chocolate Cake
Half eaten piece of said cake in our freezer ;)


August 22, 2011

Sick Day!

After a long restless night, I woke up feeling really crappy. Just headachy, stomachy, flu-ish, and so exhausted. I drove my Daddy to pick up his client's truck at a resort, then went back home. I got in comfy clothes and Boy came over with a French Vanilla Latte and popsicles (my cure all). The day was full of cozy time and my favorite things:

xx, Danielle