January 16, 2011

History of Reading!

I think one of the lovely benefits of being out of school has been reading so much. I spend at least a few hours everyday immersed in a book or two. I think my love of reading started long before I could read myself. My mom read to me all the time as a child. I also saw her reading a lot. I learned to read at 4 and found myself totally lost in books and as cheesy as it was, the places they took me. I fell the most in love with them in 4th and 5th grade with the Magic Treehouse Series. I could read one of those books in a half hour and be on to the next one. That's how I continued for the rest of my life. I read the books I loved fast and was on to the next.

I love turning pages of books, but my Nook has been one of the greatest things I've ever purchased for myself. In the last 6 months, I've read close to 50 books. I'm hoping to read at least 100 this year. I'm currently reading Decision Points by George W. Bush. I know what you're thinking, you must be a crazy George Bush supporter, but I'm not. It was ranked on the bestseller list for weeks and I read a lot of amazing reviews on Barnes & Noble, so I decided to download the sample to my Nook. I went through the 70 page sample in less than an hour and decided to purchase it.

So far, it's been extremely insightful. It is about his presidency, but it's his side. It's also about his struggles and his life and his decisions. I don't really like biographies, but I've thoroughly enjoyed this one. I'm not finished yet, but I'm really liking it so far. I'll give a full review when I finish and then I'll update you on the books I've gotten samples for/next on my list to read!


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