January 26, 2011

Playing catch up!

Hello loves. I've been absent for a few days and I am very sorry. My life has been consumed with prepping for school in 19 days. WOW. It's all coming fast and it's becoming a little overwhelming, but I'm excited to say the least! This post will be nothing more than playing catch up with the challenge! I'm writing two guest posts for February for two blogs that I happen to adore and I'm also filling some cupcake orders. It's all positive stuff that will only benefit me in the long run! Well here we go!
Day 2: Write about your closest friends.
I wrote about Alyssa in the previous post, so we'll skip her because she's obvs one of my best friends. 
Next we'll move on to Nicole. She is my oldest cousin and I recently had the pleasure of being in her wedding. She helps me sort out drama and problems I'm having like the big sister I've never had. We've gotten so close since this past summer and it's been fabulous to share my love of baking and Glee with her!
Trey, where to begin? I have no idea. He's my rock. We're almost complete opposites besides our love of watching TV online and McDonald's (and amazing country music!!). He's the funniest person I know & always knows how to make me smile. It's been rough having him 2000 miles away in Ohio, but we're managing. He's a huge part of my family, my life, & me. I am always thankful that my car's unreliable battery died that day in the Hamilton parking lot and you were there to jump it. I love you!
I met Kiara on Facebook, okay not officially, but I stalked her through the ASU Facebook App before freshman year started. We were in the same cluster (Music in Motion aka the deadly mix of physics & music)! We instantly clicked. I knew even before we really started talking that she was the most like me and we'd get along so well. I was right. She's totally crazy and just gets me even when I just call her to vent about mistakes and stupidity and my creeping. She's like my mom's other daughter (in addition to Alyssa).  Meeting her was my downfall at ASU and also the only reason I survived. <3
I've known Courtney officially for all of about 3 months, literally. We were by fate placed in charge of the same squad at 8C Humanities Camp. I felt like I had known her forever and in a way it was much longer. Her and I had read each other's blogs a few years ago through mutual friends, but had never met. She's my other half. She knows EXACTLY what to say or how I feel or what I'm going through. Meeting her has been such a blessing through the rough moments of the past few months. :) She's so amazing, seriously. Definitely one of the most understanding and wonderful people I've ever met.
And last but certainly not least, Dana. She's the thing 1 to my thing 2! Her mom and my mom were close friends in high school, they lived across the street from each other. They were in each other's weddings and had babies within 7 months of each other. We were destined to be best friends before we were born. We did dance class, played together, grew up together, then I moved away. Later on, we realized we were practically the same person and the same with our brothers (also very close in age). I'd kill to have her here with me because she just understands and we don't have to talk to know what the other is thinking. I miss her oodles all the way in Philly.
Day 3: Your Dream.
This is a pretty easy one especially considering I talk about it on a daily basis with Alyssa or Trey. But I want have a world cupcake empire, seriously. That's exactly how I describe it (and that's what I said to my admission's counselor at Le Cordon Bleu when she asked this question). I want to own so many cupcake bakeries all over the world with my recipes and all my ideas of brown and hot pink old fashioned cozy places for coffee and cupcakes. I also want desperately to be a wife to my soul mate and a mother to a few wonderful children. I want to be hopefully living in Tennessee on a big ranch with grass and a porch and horses.
Day 4: Someone you wish could forgive you/you could forgive.
I wish Trey would forgive me for my mistakes, my faults, and my part in everything that brought us to this point. I would probably give the world for that; to have everything back. I wish I could forgive myself for all of the above. It hurts so badly, but I can't let go because I know it is all my doing and I can't fix it.
Day 5: The last person you made a pinky promise to and why.
 This one is funny. Okay, so Alyssa, Charles (my brother), and I are obsessed with the trashy E show, Bridalplasty, and I bet him that mine and twin's favorite girl on the show, the scheming, conniving, intelligent Jenessa is going to win next week on the finale. So to solidify our bet, we pinky swore. (Btw I will be $30 richer after next Sunday at 10 pm)
Day 6: Your Zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality.
I am a Gemini and traditionally Gemini's are talkative, witty, contradictory, intellectual, and charming. I would say 100% I am definitely a Gemini. It fits me pretty closely. I also share this lovely sign with Twin (ironic for Gemini's) and my dad. We're all very much alike.
For the record, I will never fall this far behind again. This catching up was stressful haha. Okay, not as stressful as making sure I will be starting school on time. But I'm glad all of you are getting a better picture of me. It's fun. :) Have a good Wednesday, lovelies.


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