July 3, 2010

Welcome to Black & Bows.

Here I am. I'm Danielle. Most of you know that because you somehow stumbled upon this blog. I wouldn't miss blogging for the world. I know I scared some of you including Trey into thinking I'd really stop blogging, but I couldn't. I'm using this as a quick intro post into a new section of my life. Sam suggested I start by explaining a little bit about Black & Bows. I was inspired some by the phrase Black and Blue, like bruises, something I have a lot of physically and emotionally. Let me clarify, I mean I bruise easily by being totally clumsy haha and I've been hurt a lot emotionally, but I don't think it should keep me from being cute and living a happily adorable life. That's exactly what I've set out to do and now you're here watching me do this. :) Don't hestitate to follow my blog or contact me in other areas as seen above. I love meeting and talking to new people. It's wonderful. I'm so excited to see where this blog takes me, hopefully to big places and big things.

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