July 5, 2010

FABULOUS fourth.

Happy belated fourth everyone. Okay, so it's the 5th now, but I'm a little late because I was celebrating the festivities of our independence from Great Britain. (Little tid bit: 26% of our population does not know who we declared independence from, awesome ha). My day was so fun. I enjoyed being patriotic literally from head
So adorbs seriously. Before venturing off to our yearly tradition of spending the fourth poolside at a resort, my mom, Charles, and I finished our amazing Pop Pop's birthday shirts. He turned 70 yesterday. Woop woop. I headed over to Wild Horse Pass amidst the million others trying to get out of their houses, only to be met with crowded pools and deadly heat. After sitting in the blazing sun all day waiting for food by the pool, I decided I was better suited for some Bravo and a good nap. It was perfect relaxation. We headed off to Rigatony's to cause some familiar familial chaos for my Pop's 70th birthday. They placed us in the middle of the restaurant and we definitely caused more than a few people to move. We're loud and crazy, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I'm so glad Trey fits right in and they love him. I can't believe it's been a year since they all met him. Time flies. Check the shirts I spent hours and hours making. THEY ROCK. 
The rest of the night ensued with belly hurting laughter, games of blackjack, dodgeball injuries, 2 am swims, split pants, and lots of love. Sometimes I get so caught up in friends, that I forget that I have these wonderful people for life. We're stuck together by blood and heart. I couldn't imagine eating Del Taco at 4 am with anyone else. I'm so glad I got the patriotic perfect family fun fourth of July full of fireworks and good food. Oh, the American Dream. 
One last thing, this boy, he's amazing. I couldn't imagine squeezing or making funny faces or endlessly kissing anybody else. This is mega love right here because I don't just get fireworks on the fourth of July, but every time my lips meet his. I love today and yesterday. Everything rocked. 

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