July 22, 2010

What to do. What to do.

Receptionist for busy Real Estate Office (Chandler – West USA Realty Revelation)
Busy Real Estate Office seeks full time receptionist. MUST have the following qualities:
* Excellent phone demeanor and professionalism.
* Ability to handle many calls at once.
* A professional and friendly face for everyone that comes in to our office and everyone who calls in.
* Patience and the ability to keep your cool with stress and possibly difficult people at times.
* Good at learning names and recognizing faces.
* Basic computer and clerical skills.
* Ability to be an independent worker when necessary.
* Ability to team well with others and take direction.
* Willing to work Saturdays.
* Willing to work in other office locations, if necessary.
Please submit your resume. A phone interview will be mandatory before a face to face interview. We will require professional references.

This is the fourth time I've come to this place in the summer: the time when my parents begin looking for a new receptionist because I am going back to school. I have gotten about five calls this morning alone regarding the position after seeing the above ad on Craigslist. I searched online and found it and read through the qualifications and I started to cry. I know in just a few weeks these girls will be coming in for face to face interviews for my job just like every summer since I turned 16. Every year I know I have to go back to school, onto bigger and better things, first it was junior year, then senior year, then freshman year at ASU, now I don't know where I'll be going in a few short weeks.

I look at those qualifications above and if they hire someone based on those things alone, they will never find someone who does this job well. I do so much more than that, things that have only come with time and so much training. You're probably thinking if you're so attached to this job, why would you leave? I'm not. This job FREQUENTLY stresses me out, more than words can explain. I go home most days so exhausted and done with people. But I am so posessive of my place here. Ugh.

I wish I knew what to do about the fall. I don't want to be here. Not at all, but I don't know where I want to be. I wish I would have left last fall. I wouldn't even question going back. I need to get out of here.


  1. samantha, if i could, i would, in a very instant heart beat.