August 28, 2010

Banana splits and being productive.

This week has definitely been one of getting actual things DONE. Things I've been putting off for awhile mostly because I've been lacking the time and energy and this week I finally had it. I was staying at my dad's house while they were in Las Vegas and it was fabulous to have freedom without the hassle of fighting for it with my mom. I've spent a lot of time working obviously and spending my other waking hours cupcaking. Cupcaking is my new -ing verb that I've been using for all things cupcake and HSH related.

I was inspired to enter a world that I was completely unfamiliar with: vegan cupcakes. Yes, that is cupcakes without dairy: milk, eggs, cheese, cream cheese, shortening, butter. Pretty much everything that I use in excess everyday of my baking. I decided to try the Banana Split cupcakes. (Recipe will be posted below!) They were incredible to say the least. I made a batch with walnuts and one without. The ingrediants were tedious to find, but so worth it because nobody could taste that they were vegan. Of course it only helped that they looked so good.
(Please ignore the easter cupcake liners, I ran out!!)
I won't be adding these to my main menu just yet because they were extremely time consuming to make, but they'll definitely be available as a special order for dozens. I'm also working on doing a run through of the cupcake recipes I have prepared for the Homecoming cupcakes in just a few short weeks. I'm very very excited about that. I've also booked one bridal shower and one baby shower for September as well. It's gonna be a busy month. And as if I haven't overbooked myself already, I came across this contest for future entrepreneurs in college with great business ideas. DING DING DING. It called my name and I'm probably going to enter. I mean who couldn't use $25,000, especially for starting up HSH!!

After going home on Thursday I finally got around to starting to minimally redecorate the clutter I call my bedroom. I made some progress with the use of that broke chest of drawers turning it into a bookshelf and creating a closeline of pictures. I'm waiting on my bedding and my paint for my back wall. I'm going for a deep pink and black/white color scheme and I'm SO excited about it. Here's a preview of my new bedding:
And of course bits and pieces of the rest of my room including my 10 dollar fuzzy lamp Trey bought me from our jaunt to Savers yesterday. :)
(The bookshelf in the corner!)
(My Hard Day's Night Poster, my favorite Beach Boys records, and FUZZY LAMP!!)

I will upload more later when it's actually looking better. For now, I've got more work to do, but everything is coming together. Remember if you read this, definitely follow because I will be having a giveaway when I reach 25 followers! Currently at 8! :) Have a great weekend kids and look out for the recipe for the banana split cupcakes to be posted when I get home. 

- D


  1. Has your profile always been handwritten? I'm loving it! I wish I had thought of something like that.

  2. No, I just changed it this week. Thank you!!! :) Me too.