August 25, 2010

Finding new love.

I've been seriously immersed work and I'm totally loving it. I just finished up creating a new flier for our board at the office. I'm obsessed. :) I also have been thinking a lot about my goals. I wrote upon a 5 year list, a 10 year list, and a 20 year list. They're hopes, goals, and dreams I hope to accomplish in those time frames. I'm such a nerd, I know. I've also been really thinking about next semester. I really can't stop looking ahead even though I should be in the now. I'm definitely going to go back to ASU next semester and most likely major in an area of business, probably marketing or management. This excites me because it gets me one step closer to a HSH store front.

I've also fallen in love with vegan cupcakes thanks to Chloe on Cupcake Wars last night. I bought an awesome book: Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and it rocks! I haven't tried any recipes yet, but the reviews are all positive. I'm also excited to announce that when I reach 25 followers, much like one of my favorite bloggers, Malori (Sunday Morning Sugar), I will be having a 3 part giveaway with cute items that I've found!! So FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW ME, you won't be disappointed. Also, on the note of Malori. Her etsy shop, Jacques and Jill, which I've mentioned before will be opening on September 1 which is so exciting. She's a very talented person and all of her items will show this. Also, if you head over to her blog, she's having an awesome giveaway herself, so check it out!!

I'll leave you kids with a great DIY I found for my room and hopefully yours too, that I will be starting myself this weekend.They're cute streamer hanging flower balls. :) Ah so much love in today's post. Have a fabulous Wednesday. It's almost Friday and my parents are almost home from Vegas! NO MORE DANIELLE TAXI SERVICE YES!!