August 10, 2010

New opportunities and open doors.

I'll make this post short and sweet. People are knocking on doors of opportunity and I'm answering. Not many of you know, but I played badminton for three years in high school: two years on varsity and I loved it. I quit senior year because I needed to work. I haven't played since. I went to their first day of tryouts yesterday to see my coach and she asked me to be her assistant coach. I was doing cartwheels inside. Wonderful. It's after work and just perfect. Badminton gave me so many great memories. I love these girls.
(I was so cute with my pigtails, OKAY? :] ) 
I was actually nervous today to go back and start mingling with the returning players and start really watching the new ones. The varsity girls are such fun people who take the game serious, but not TOO serious. They like to laugh and so do I. I'm sure we'll get along awesome. I'm so excited to be able to work with them and hopefully help them grow as people along the way. :)

I also got a message from a facebook/blog/twitter/mutual friend who is the VP of her senior class at a high school not far from me who would like me to do their cupcakes for their Homecoming. I was little bit shocked and seriously thought I was dreaming. It will be a HUGE undertaking, but I'm definitely considering it. AH. Wonderful. 

Life's little surprises...:) 

Day 08 → Something/someone you couldn't live without because you tried and someone/something you could definitely live without.
Couldn't live without : Trey. One hundred percent. We're like attached and we've had our moments where we questioned us being together, but he rocks my world. 
Could live without : McDonald's... enough said ;)

Night kids. 


  1. that's so awesome! you will get so much out of being a part of the team again, and what an honor to be asked :) hope it continues to be a bright spot!!

  2. ahh thank you. it's been a blast. :)