September 11, 2010

College Search.

This afternoon I went on a lunch date with my stepmom where I thought I'd get yelled at for something, but it wasn't that.  She could tell I was unhappy living here, not just at home, but in Arizona. She told me it wasn't fair that I felt trapped and couldn't have a real college experience, so she told me to do research and plan and get out and they'd support me. I was shocked, but now that it's sunk in, I'm excited. I will be like a  high school senior and search and scour for a place where I'll belong, not just wishful thinking like I actually did senior year. I want a change, so I want opinions. If you went or attending a university/college you love. Please share it with me. I'm open to all suggestions. :) 

Thanks blogloves, I'm counting on you to help!! :) 



  1. I have no idea what you're interested in studying, but I can tell you that Columbia College is a fantastic school. If you aren't into the arts, look at other schools in Chicago because it is a FABULOUS place to live. If you have any specific questions or want to chat more I'd love to tell you all about my life here. I also totally understand the transition from AZ to Chicago so let me know if you're curious :)



  2. Thats so exciting :) Itll definetly be scary & exciting for you to in a way break free of what you know. :)
    Good luck :)