September 8, 2010

DOUBLE DIY Status! [Part TWO]

HELLO everyone, welcome back for part two, project two! If you thought the last one was easy, woah baby will you be in for a treat on this one! Awesome, okay. So if I could totally find the picture from a facbeook friend's dorm room I would post it, so you can see where I got my inspiration from, but I can't! Lots of dorm room/apartment pictures have been posted recently and I just, I'll never remember. Oh well, right. I really love cork boards for some reason and because I've been decorating my room I tried to find a cork board/white board combo like this girl had and had no such luck and thus this project was born.

Project Two: ADORBZ Combo Cork & Chalk Board!

(oh hey, halloween placemats.)

*Set of four cork boards ($25 Walmart online; in store - $7, TOPS)
*Chalkboard Paint (Elmer's Brand - No more than $10)
*Foam Brushes (98 cents! - Walmart)
*Surface to paint
*Plastic plate/bowl for paint

1. Prep your surface, fill your plate/bowl with paint, and take out all your cork boards. I chose to paint two of four.
2. Apply first coat on each and let dry for one hour (or however indicated on paint.)
3. Apply second coat and let dry for one hour.
4. CUSTOMIZE! Add pom poms or glitter or whatever else your heart desires to your new mini chalk boards!!
5. Hang on your wall according to the instructions provided with your cork boards.

Chalk comes off easily with just water as expected!

I didn't hang mine up yet because I'm not quite sure where they will be going. I'm totally in love with how simple and cute it looks. I hope these projects make wonderful additions to your shoes and your home! If you have any questions about the products I used or if I was unclear on steps, please leave me a comment here or on PART ONE! :) 

Happy DIY-ing kids. :) And FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW! (Giveaway to come at 25 followers!) :)


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  1. thats such a wonderful idea! i love the checkerboard look in one of the last pictures!