September 15, 2010

Wonderful Wednesdays too.

I hope you didn't think that was gonna be the only post for today. Because it's totally not. I'm actually really bored. I'm watching the season finale of Real World New Orleans. I've never ever watched this ridiculousness until this season because one of my coworkers' brothers was on it and he actually got to star in an episode too. It was pretty crazy and totally outrageous. It's something I would NEVER do. It seems the furthest thing from real with all the drama, but anyways. 

Today was wonderful WONDERFUL PayDay. Thank goodness. I splurged on $9 raspberry sheets, dark auburn hairdye, and O.P.I. Nailpolish today. I'm in love with my sheets, the nail polish, and hopefully my hair soon enough. I needed to unwind today after being up till after midnight make 3+ dozen cupcakes last night for my stepmom's birthday. I'm so mad at myself for not taking pictures of my first real display with gluten free chocolate (my stepmom is allergic to gluten), peanut butter (A NEWBIE FOR ME!), and the classic, snickerdoodle. I've been doing a lot of experimenting with baking minis for my upcoming job for the homecoming (the 25th!!!). 

I've started my application essays. It feels weird because the more I dive into this process, the more I want to get out and go right now. There's very little holding me here. Most of my connections are broken here and it's not surprising. I have two boys that thankfully have kept me whole. One I've known for 2 years that I met on October 17, 2008 and one I've known for wow, almost 6 years on September 30, 2004. 

My boy. The littlest brother I was so mad to have at first, but has been one of the biggest lights in my life. I've doubted myself and my personality, but I seen so much of me shining through him from the day he said my name, before anyone else's to dancing with me anywhere, at any time. He's growing up SO fast. 6 years old in two weeks. He's such a shining star/silly bandz connoisseur and always will be in my life, Matthew Samson.

Oh Trey. I hate when we have our rough days. Like our REALLY hard days after being apart for so long. But there's so many more GREAT days that just make me forget the fights because we just get each other and make each other laugh and smile. You make me feel so worth it and amazing and I can never thank you and tell you that I love you enough. I really can't and even through all of this change, we'll remain strong and still crazy in love enough to throw baby powder at each other and just be silly.

I think I'm blessed beyond belief even with just these two in my life. 


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