September 19, 2010

Recommendations and a fun weekend.

At the request of Heather, I'm doing a new post, my first since Wednesday. :) Weiiird. I've been SO busy. Badminton girls are currently 4-3 and we start regionals tomorrow. SO CRAZY how fast this season has gone by. I baked about 5 dozen cupcakes this week alone, even dabbling in gluten free cupcakes. Definitely not easy and pretty pricey with all the different types of Gluten Free flours out there. Yikes. 

Friday, Trey and I (too non morning people) had to be up and at a wonderful location, Rockin R Ranch, about 25 minutes from my house for the couples photography shoot I've waited for since last summer when Trey and I first started dating. haha, I'm so weird. I was like so excited. I described my excitement/nervousness to Trey as first day of school excited can't sleep the night before. It only reaffirmed his belief in me being a total freak. I planned my three outfits for weeks and was so excited to meet our photographer, Taylor. She's seriously wonderful. Like, you have no idea. So incredibly sweet, totally laid back, and so fun. I found her through a mutual friend and fell in love with her work with her sister at About Love Studio instantly. She's incredibly talented!! Needless to say, waiting for the pictures to be posted was even more excitement than before and just 30 minutes ago she put them up. I'll share a few below, but all are on my facebook, if you care to add me. I'm very VERY pleased. 

This whole weekend has been very taxing leading to probably a total of 10 hours of sleep all weekend. I'm dead tired, but satisfied. I had fun at my cousin's bridal shower yesterday for like 6 and a half hours of hard bridesmaid work. Alyssa and I treated ourselves to Chipotle and Easy A after. Btw, highly reccomend seeing Easy A. IT WAS SO AWESOME. Totally loved it, lots of laughs, and just so good. I kind of adored this weekend A LOT, so I'll share more pictures from everything than you'll care to see. 

Have a good week kids. I hope you enjoy it.

Baking Cupcakes at 1 am for the Bridal Shower, bad idea.

Said cupcakes. (Banana & Snickerdoodle)

Bridal Party

Me and the wonderful Bride, Nicole

The Greatest People  Fake Redheads You Will Ever Meet. 


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