October 10, 2010

And then I posted twice in one day.

A lot of people have been asking me on formspring and on my tumblr to post a what's in my purse and quite frankly these make me so happy to do. I love watching them on youtube. I think it's cool how much you learn from what's in someone's purse. So here we go! Meet my suitcase purse. It's big and flowery and pink, something uncommon for fall. I've decided to use it, so I still can get my pop of bright color with my darker, more neutral fall wardrobe. (Btw, this is in no way me bragging, this is what has been requested, if you're going to be offended or anything, please don't read further)

  1. Sunglasses in hotpink and teal.
  2. Almonds. (The badminton girls make fun of my addiction).
  3. Mac FixPlus.
  4. Lockbox Key.
  5. L'Oreal Bare Naturale Mineral Blush in Sugar Plum.
  6. Glasses.
  7. Bandaid case.
  8. Screen cleaner.
  9. Flash drive.
  10. Clinique Makeup case.
  11. Keys and keychains for everything.
  12. Bath and Body Works Exotic Coconut Body Splash.
  13. Sparkly silver hair bow.
  14. Motrin Ibuprophen. (My cure all for everything).
  15. Hand Sanitizer.
  16. Ponytail holder.
  17. Magnolia Bakery Cookbook.
  18. Incase iPod arm band.
  19. Highlighter, sharpie, and chapstick.
  20. Bobby pins. 
  21. Nook.
  22. Teasing comb.
  23. Moleskine notebook.
  24. iPod.
  25. Note from Paula. :)
  26. MY FLAIR PENS! (My lifelines).
  27. Secret deodorant.
  28. Pirate party invite.
  29. O.P.I. The Color to Watch
  30. Coach wristlet.
As you can tell, my life is in my bag because it can all fit. Have a good Sunday guys.


1 comment:

  1. your life is def in your bag - but you got some fun stuff in there! im like you though - you'll never know if you'll need the motrin or bandaids at some point. love it!