October 10, 2010

Raves for the week.

I've been having a blast planning my costume for Halloween. I'm going to a pirate party the weekend of, so I decided hey, what the heck let's go as pirates considering Trey already has my banana costume for Halloween day. I've found how easy it is to piece items together especially with the current trends. Stripes are SO in, so everything I'm looking at can and definitely will be used after my pirate costume. Below I've made a quick Polyvore set, but unfortunately none of those items will be appearing. Oh money, why do I not have thee? Oh well, I will find many cute pieces to mix and match to make a perfectly homemade costume!

I've also been loving watching Top Chef: Just Desserts on Bravo, reading fashion magazines again, and loving new music. So I figured hey, I'll share with my favesies on blogger. :)

Top Chef was never something I was quite interested in, but when I saw it was focused on desserts and pastry chefs, I knew giving it a watch would be worth my time. It makes me SO excited. I love watching their technique, presentation, and hearing their thought process. It's so fabulous. It's something I've fallen in love with and seemingly the whole process of Le Cordon Bleu has been quite simple as I've already been accepted into their February program. So fantastic. I've also started to really see how far I've come in baking.

Today I ate my first full cupcake in three months and no, it was not my own creation. I decided to check out this new little bakery/cupcake shop in a mall close to my house because my aunt is friends with the owner (she's doing my cousin's wedding cake in December) and I could possibly be looking for a small bakery job to start learning the in's and out's in a real bakery setting. Well, the cupcakes were the large size and looked positively scrumptious from top to bottom, all $3.75 of each one. (Yes, $3.75!) Mom got a celebration (something like a funfetti), red velvet, and a chocolate with vanilla icing. All fell short of everything I expected. But it was cool to see that when asked what kind of frosting was used, the workers couldn't even answer and I knew just by the texture of the piping that it was surely buttercream. Yeah, I'm now a cupcake freak. I get it :).

This magazine was begging to be purchased with Lea Michele on the cover and quickly became my September fave! I found the cutest and QUICKEST hair tutorial inside about Bedhead updos. Using your natural hair, a comb, hairspray, and bobby pins, the cutest little hairdo is possible. My hair is thick and sometimes unruly, but fared so well with this look. It took literally five minutes and it stayed all day with minimal spraying. I've probably done it about three times this week when I've had no time to straighten it and it's great!

I also splurged on two awesome cd's that I love in the car. Selena Gomez: A Year Without Rain and Katy Perry: Teenage Dream. Of course, I don't love all the tracks, but a good majority are great to blast with the windows down and the fall breeze blowing through your messy morning hair. 

This post was all over the place, but hey it's all me right? It's everything I have to rave about this week and that's really cool even at 1 am when I can barely function. Good night kids. Happy 10/10/10!!

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