October 15, 2010

State Badminton.

Ahhh I know I promised you a real post, but it's a work in progress. It's a major style post with everything I'm currently loving for fall. But this is how I spent my day:
Front (from left): Sharyssa & Surina
Back (from left): Bri, Victoria, Jessica, Me, Shultzy, Vivian, & Tiffany
Today we went to Day 1 of State. This isn't the team I started with at the beginning, but I've grown quite fond of each one of them. I was so privileged to not only share in their excitements and wins of today, but also of these past few months. Today was singles and doubles and we were to be at school at 6:45 am to drive an hour and a half from Hamilton. Not fun, especially on a school bus. Bri and Sharyssa were singles players today. Shultzy and Viv were one doubles team & Surina and Tiffany were the other. Bri was seeded, so she received a bye in the first round and made it to the semi-finals which will take place next weekend when she will play the #1 Singles player in the State. Sharyssa, who has played on Varsity for a week (after the loss of Paula), lost in round two. Shultzy (Bri S) and Vivian made it to the third round and lost to the #5 doubles team in the state. Surina and Tiff made it the fourth round and lost to the very same school that Shultz and Vivian lost to. Overall, I enjoyed every second spent with them, even the moments where I could barely watch and wished I could play on the court for them when they were tired. I'm very proud of how far they've come. 

Here's another quick update, while I continue working on the longer fashion one. Stay tuned. Have a fab Friday night!


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