November 14, 2010

BIG changes.

A lot of people can't always say that they have a family that they can fully rely and depend on. I've always been able to say that. I think that love seriously rubs off and people can see it. Tonight I won't say I snapped because that's a negative thing. I've ...come to a realization. I would like to move Home Sweet Home Cupcakes into a bigger and BETTER direction. Another thing that's been instilled in me by my family, specifically my dad is dreaming big and making it happen without taking no for an answer. It's been frustrating to say the least that HSH didn't take off like I hoped and planned on it doing. And that's okay. It really is. I'm 19. It also doesn't make my goals and plans any smaller. I think it's made me want them to be larger than life.

I have this wonderful support system who wants the very same from me. Big things. They never expect anything less and it puts pressure on me, but nothing I don't want or need. Tonight has been a big brainstorming night after creating something SO wonderful last night, by accident? Ha. I guess that's how a lot of the best things happen. I'm thinking about changing the brand completely, the name, logo, pictures, and getting a real website. I need a change. I need a change for me to grow and expand and this is it. 

I thought I'd share this with you guys first. A real post will be up tomorrow afternoon, a gift post. :) If you have any ideas for cute names or any of that, please tweet me @daniellefaz !!!! It'd be greatly appreciated and CREDITED of course.  Lots of love kids!!


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