November 22, 2010

November Nostalgia.

November is coming a close and I'm happily saying goodbye. I did enjoy a lot of great moments with a lot of great people. There was lots of catching up and I'm happy about it! So here's a little peak at my favorite moments of the month minus those from Thanksgiving, which will be added on Friday.

 Picture Progressions at Humanities Camp.
 Chocolate Pumpkin Cupcakes.
 Best friend, Courtney <333
 One of my favorite counselors, Carly.
 Mama/Daughters Dates with Kiara and Mom.
 Just some light gardening.
 Payson <3
 Ohhh baby coop. :)
Mannequin posing.

"Happiness is not a destination; it's an emotion." - One Tree Hill

I hope your November was fabulous! Tell me all about it. :) Enjoy your Thanksgiving's if I don't update before. :) 

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