November 23, 2010

The Powerpuff Girls.

I wasn't planning on posting again before the end of the week, but I was really thinking about something, two special someone's. As many of you know I am blessed to have a wonderfully close family. One that is emotionally close and of course physically close; living only 20 miles apart at most always. This has created an unbreakable bond between the six of us: the cousins. Each Thanksgiving, each one of us writes what we're thankful for and another family member reads it out loud. This Thursday I will be thanking God for two of the most wonderful girls I've been lucky to be related to and become so close with. Nicole and Alyssa, my cousins, but also the closest people I've ever had to sisters. 

I've probably gotten closer to them this year than ever before. Nicole (on the left) was engaged a year ago and is now getting married in, wow, less than a month! I was her and her fiance, Curtis' realtor, so we spent many hours in the car laughing and talking, more than ever in our lives. She slowly became the big sister I always wished for. I confide in her constantly and she offers advice and just makes me feel like I'm not alone. This past few weeks have been killer on me, emotionally. She's taken me under her wing and let me into her life and being around her is always so uplifting. I'm so happy about how close her and I have gotten in the past six months. She and Curtis have given me hope that true love does exist. She will make a beautiful bride and I'm so happy to have the opportunity to stand on the stairs next to the altar when she says, I do, next month.

I've called her my twin for years now. I think ever since our sleepovers in my old bedroom from middle school when we used to stay up until 8 am the next morning, finishing each other's sentences, dying of laughter, sleeping in our forts, and dancing in our pajamas to ridiculous songs. Things haven't changed much except maybe our hair color. ;) She's still my other half and one of the only constants I've had friendship wise for my whole life. We were inseparable from a young age, you can see it on home movies. We're partners in crime and I wouldn't have it any other way. She's probably one of the most cheerful people I've ever met, she never EVER fails to make me crack up, or say exactly what I'm thinking. She is the best shopping partner and the best judge of character. We both have little tolerance for people and we can't trust easily, it's nice to have someone who always understands you like she does for me. I wish I could explain to her completely how much she's given me in the past 17 years of her life because she's given me so much hope and kept me SO strong when I didn't think I'd make it through. Her and I will one day meet men who understand and love us like we love each other and will love our twin too duh.  (PEEK A BOO FOREVER, BIAA!)

You better believe these two will be mentioned on my list of things I'm thankful for on Thanksgiving and I might tear up hearing it read like I am right now because of how much these two absolutely mean to me. I love you two and I always will. Three Musketeers, Josie and the Pussycats, Charlie's Angels, and the Powerpuff Girls. <3


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