December 13, 2010

Hello again.

I have not abandoned the blog world. I've actually been working pretty hard behind the scenes on it and it's just been rough to get through with the rest of my life being so chaotic. It's not quite finished yet as you can see, but it's coming along just fine. If you haven't noticed, look above in the URL box, I am no longer Black and Bows. I've decided to convert everything to the name I'm truly in love with: Home Sweet Home Cupcakes. This is also the name of my Cupcake business that has become a huge part of my life in the past five months. It only seems fitting to smush the name and this blog of my life together into one place. I'm gonna share with you some things to look forward to for the rest of December and 2011 for this blog and my life.

December - 
  • Finishing the temporary layout! (Temporary until I get money of course.)
  • Getting my blog signature and header finalized!
  • Adding my buttons to the sidebar!
  • Obviously updating on my life right now. 
  • Doing an "oh so popular in the blog world right now" blog survey!
  • More recipes!!
January & beyond -

  • Finding blogs to sponsor! 
  • Starting school!
  • Implementing the results from the blog survey!
  • Eventually adding a place to order cupcakes online!
  • Adding the ability to ship cupcakes around the U.S. !!!! :)
All of this that I'm listing is so so freaking exciting for me. I've definitely been waiting to make a change and HSH Cupcakes will be the very first place you'll see that. I'm so very sorry it's been so long since I did a real post, so that will be coming very very soon. Hang in there and keep reading. :) By the way, you can still get here by typing if you are resisting change or if you forget. Thank you to all of you loyal readers, your comments and support and readership is not going unnoticed, I promise.

Lots of love!
- D

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  1. whats the status with you and trey? and is casey back in the picture??