January 14, 2011

Bathroom mirror pictures were never in style.

I saw Malori's post about Myspace pictures and thought it was hilarious. Thankfully, a lot of my winner pictures were deleted over a year ago to avoid further embarrassment. But I definitely still have a few classics, the sepia or black and white self portraits, the big obnoxious sunglasses, and of course the strange positions and locations.

 And who can forget the ever popular peace sign? Not me.

Clearly, I loved taking pictures of myself and having my picture taken. In high school, it was a shock to find me without a camera in hand. I think this year I'm gonna make it a point to take more pictures of my life outwards because I'd rather not relive my moments in my bathroom with big sunglasses on or dressed in 80's attire. ;)

Definitely more moments like these, with the people I love. Because there's nothing better than a bunch of people looking silly remembering the amazing memories surrounded it!


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