January 29, 2011

Bullet points.

This is the perfect day to do Day 9 of the challenge because none of my posts I'm writing are quite ready yet and this is the perfect way for me to unwind! (I'll start after midnight, because technically that's still today!)
Day 9: Bullet your whole day!
  • Laid in bed and watched Greek Season 2 on Netflix.
  • Slept through my alarm and woke up at 9.
  • SHM (Shower, hair, makeup), then went with my mom to my baby bro's soccer game.
  • Schnookie scored 6 goals for his team, so we continued to scream and yell louder than any other family there. 
  • Went to outdoor mall with Mom and we shopped. :)
  • Bought a ridiculous amount of white tanks for school. (Post to come soon regarding dress code!)
  • Had a yummy lunch at Chipotle with Mom and talked about life.
  • Went home to work and watch more Greek on Netflix, while baby Coop fell asleep on my lap.
  • Texted some people and went on tumblr and facebook. (Procrastination at it's finest.)
  • Made ravioli with vodka sauce.
  • Hanging out with Twin and having some good sister time. :) (Currently!)
  • Then, I'll be checking Post Secret before midnight like I do every week to see the latest secrets.
I think this is a pretty typical Saturday for me. I enjoy my relaxation and time to catch up on work and organization.  I hope everyone has just as relaxing a weekend as I will. :)


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