January 30, 2011

Sweet Sunday Spaces

Before, I share my Sweet Sunday Spaces, I'll do my Day 10 Challenge. :)
Day 10: Your middle name and how you feel about it.
My middle name is Nicole. It's pretty common along with Marie and Rose. In my family there's a story on my dad's side that my uncle's all wanted to name their daughters, Nicole, and whoever had a daughter first got it as a first, whoever had a daughter second got it as a middle name, and the last one was SOL. My cousin, Nicole, was born first and I was the second born girl out of my dad's sibling's kids, hence the middle name, Nicole. Although none of us believe the story. haha
(all pictures courtesy of weheartit.com & decorpics.tumblr.com)

Enjoy your sweet Sunday, kids. <3 :)


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