January 12, 2011

The Three B's

I'm so incredibly in love with my new layout. I love the tweaks and the changes. It also makes me even more excited for the rest of the things I am planning on doing to my blog and the things that will happen spontaneously. I'm working on the navigation bar above and on my blog buttons as we speak. But I love my about me, the picture label links on the left and the new favorite blogs on the right.

I've finally decided on the direction for HSH Cupcakes and I'm actually ecstatic about it. If you haven't wandered over to my tumblr, then this will all be a surprise to you. There are three things that I feel like I talk about a lot on my tumblr that I'd love to focus on more here: baking, beauty, and books!

Baking: I will be posting more recipes obviously, mostly of delicious desserts. Starting in February, when I start at Le Cordon Bleu, I'll be writing a lot about what I'm learning and my experiences in a new little segment currently untitled. I'm excited to further share my main passion with my readers!
Beauty: I love love love makeup and hair and face products. I don't talk about them a lot, but when I do, it's because I love it enough to share it! I'll be talking about new favorites, old favorites, waste of money products, and things I'm excited to try. I think fashion and clothing will weasel their way into this category as well. :)
Books: I read a lot, everyday. I probably finish about 3 books a month and I find a lot of them that I want to share with people and this is the perfect outlet. I'll also share those on my wishlist and ones I'm currently reading and of course take suggestions!

Tomorrow will be your first beauty post! It's going to be a 2010 Favorites. Look out for that and much more!!


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