February 7, 2011

Hearts and Tarts for Guys!

Guys are hard to buy for, plain and simple, no matter what holiday. It's not really a man's holiday, to be honest. But I love giving gifts, so Valentine's Day is just another day to show how much he means to me! I am by no means an expert gift giver, but I think a lot of the pressure can be taken off if you know what your guy likes! These are going to be more general ideas, way less specific items than on the girls list because I left a lot to be customized and personalized for the guy in your life!!

 Shutterfly Photo Book: Shutterfly.com ($12.99 - $69.99)
 Witty and Funny T-shirts: 80stees.com (Varies)
 17inch Love Bear: Build-A-Bear ($16 without any accessories)
 C.O. Bigelow Mens Barber Collection: Bath and Body Works (Varies, but currently products are Buy 2, Get 1 Free!!)
 3D Valentine's Boxers: American Eagle ($12.50 each/2 for $20)
 Sprinkles Cupcakes (XO's featured): Sprinkles (3.50 each/$39 dozen)

Roku Streaming Player: Roku.com ($59.99)
I usually do not support the use of gift cards as presents. (Something my mom taught me) But for Valentine's Day, it can be perfect for your guy because it can be for his favorite store or for the movies for you and him, or even a dinner date! This is a fun way for you to pay for his present or for a date without him objecting. :)

I hope I helped give you some ideas or maybe I sparked some of your own that I didn't mention! Don't stress about what to get him because he's usually not hard to please and he'll love anything you get him. He'll think anything was thoughtful, trust me. :) Stay tuned for the final installment of Hearts and Tarts gifts, it's my favorite one!!!


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  1. I'd love to get that t-shirt for my boyfriend. Such a shame that the shipping from the US adds an extra $10 onto the cost.