February 22, 2011

Life and Whoopie Pies.

I'm loaded up on caffeine and ready for a long night ahead of me. Tomorrow is my first exam and I'm more than a little bit freaking out! I've been making flashcards since last week. (I'm up to 40 for one class and I've been in school for a week!!) I figured I'd do a quicky post because I'm taking another break from the craziness of French knife cuts and kitchen organization.

Today, I went job hunting. It's seriously one of my least favorite things to do, ever. I headed to the mall and applied at two cupcake bakeries and was intent on also applying at American Eagle and Victoria's Secret, but ended up making purchases from both and never asked if they were hiring. ...Maybe that's why I'm broke. Ha. I guess I'll keep my fingers crossed for now!

Life's been good otherwise. I'm still riding the single train. It's surely a different one for me. I'm very used to having a serious long term boyfriend. There haven't been many months since Freshman year of high school that I can recall being single. Everyone is trying to encourage me that the single life is fun and there's nothing better than being independent, but I have to say it's not easy for me and so far, not very fun. I currently have my eye on someone special, but we'll see if history continues to repeat itself for me. (FINGERS & TOES CROSSED IT DOESN'T)

In the past week, I've done more cooking/cutting than baking, so I've definitely been suffering from withdrawals. I've whipped up two special desserts in the past weekend to feed my baking appetite. I'm only going to share one because I'm kind of selfish about my favorite desserts. ;) I was inspired by a new baking book that I got called, Whoopie Pies, and they're kind of insanely adorable. They will definitely be an addition to my bakery menu one day!! These ones I made were from Gourmet.com and they were HUMONGOUS.  If you're about to say pics or it didn't happen:
Yeah, they're massive. I think from the above recipe, I got like 6 HUGE Whoopies. I'd say spoon LESS than 1/4 cup of batter because I spooned about 1/4 give or take and they were just too big to be honest. I also used regular Cocoa Powder because I couldn't find Dutch Process anywhere. There's also a recipe for marshmallow type filling, I didn't use it. I used Martha's handy dandy Cream Cheese Icing recipe, a real crowd pleaser. :) Also, don't forget the egg. (Confession: I did...)

I hope you enjoy these as much as me and my fambam and friendsies did! And I'll leave you with a lovely picture of me without makeup studying with my baby boo sleeping on my bed. Goodnight dolls.

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