March 1, 2011

Buhbye February

I don't know if it's just me, but 2011 is seriously flying by. It's March 1st and it feels really good. I have nothing against February. February was a great month and so much happened!
  1. Started school! That's the big one I guess. I've learned and experienced so much in the past 3 1/2 weeks. 
  2. Wrote my first guest post for Sunday Morning Sugar!
  3. Posted my 10,000th tweet. It was an achievement for me, maybe not for all those who follow me. Haha.
  4. Cut back on using heat styling products on my hair.
  5. Grew closer to my family. I love being able to count on and trust these wonderful people that I've been blessed with.
  6. Got totally organized!!! 
 I have a lot of really fun goals for this month.
  1.  Get all my knife cuts down! (Obviously, it's necessary for me to pass my Culinary Foundations class, but it's touch and go right now.)
  2. Get straight A's. 
  3. Get a job, seriously. I'm losing my mind without a steady job!!! (And I'd like to have los padres off my back about being broke.)
  4. Plan a really great surprise birthday for my aunt. (More about her later this month!!) 
March will be the end of my first block of classes and the start of Spring Break!! Yay, the countdown begins to the 24th! Share your goals with me and enjoy your first day of March, lovelies.


  1. It really does seem like the year is flying by!! You have such a cute blog...I knew I wanted to come by when I saw the word cupcakes! Haha!!

  2. I'm glad it's not only me haha! Well thank you. :)