February 6, 2011

Newest Read: Heaven is for Real

This book isn't one that I can truly describe, if you're looking for a review, you won't find that here. (Check the 611 reviews on BarnesandNoble.com if you wish). If you've ever been inside of my house, your eyes are immediately drawn to the incessant pile of crap that consumes one of our kitchen counters known as Charles' stuff. I do not even concern myself with the junk that it is on it, except this book was there for at least 2 weeks and I wondered what for considering Charles usually does book projects the night before and doesn't even get the book until the day before that. Since I had not heard any lectures about procrastination on book projects, I still didn't know. I was flipping through People magazine today (the Reese Witherspoon getting married issue) and saw a little mini Q&A about this book and it intrigued me.

Tonight, after taking a shower and talking to Trey on Skype for a little while, I settled into the couch with Cooper, this book in hand and started to read. I started a little before 10 pm and finished a few minutes after 11. It made me feel so many emotions that I can't even describe. At one point I was even sobbing. It is rated 4.5 stars on Barnes and Noble and it's a "religious" book. It's crazy. It's surely inspirational and it will surely make you think. I think it's a book that every one has a different reading experience depending upon your beliefs and the events in your life, but it will surely make you think. I highly recommend this quick read.

I just wanted to share my latest read, stay tuned in the next couple of days for a new Culinary Conversations & Valentine's Gifts, follow up: Gifts for Guys! :) Have a fabulous Superbowl Sunday, loves.


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  1. this is neat; my gf JUST told me to get this book so I did. i recently had a miscarriage and lost my father and she said it would help me find peace in both things.