February 2, 2011

Organization at it's finest!

Sometimes things in my life, my room, my email inbox get so chaotic that I come close to absolutely snapping. That was this week. I was reminiscing back to July when I decided to quit and thinking about what I've accomplished since then. Yes, I've gotten so far with my baking, HSH, working, relationships, and school, but my life might be even more unorganized now. I definitely knew I had to do something about it.

These tricks and tips aren't just limited to the clean freaks, because I'm far from that. I'd rather put something down when it could easily just be put away in that moment, I let my makeup counter get covered in powder before I clean it off, and my dirty clothes rarely make it into the hamper. My life is in disarray clearly. Thankfully I found this website via Tumblr and just reading this page has been eye opening in how to organize the chaos: Zen Habits.
  1. Taking it one step, one area at a time instead of overwhelming myself. 
    • My bedroom. (the set up of the bed, desk, bookcase etc.)
    • My bathroom cabinets. (beauty products, hair products, and toiletries in their right place.)
    • My makeup collection. (eyes, lips, face, nails)
    • My jewelry and headband collection.
    • My dresser. 
  2. Giving things their prospective "place." This is heavily emphasized by Zen Habits because it helps you to avoid the random placement of items if you know where they belong. 
    • Important to my cords and my makeup.
    • Check out this cool idea from the College Prep about what to do about hanging loose cords.
  3. Having boxes and trash bags READILY available.  This step is one of the most cleansing for me. I'm able to get rid of the trash I know I don't/won't need and I can put things I would like to save in boxes in my garage, so they're not cluttering my room and creating junk drawers. (I HAD 5!!)
  4. Get a wonderful planner, calendar, notebook, or place to readily jot down important things. This was by far my favorite part!
    • Planner: for school, events, birthdays, appointments etc. 
    • Calendar: events, reminders, birthdays readily available in your room or online (a visible place!!).
    • Notebook: to-do lists!! (I'm totally crazy about them, even before this. There's something so great about crossing things off a list!)
    • Post it Notes (Stickies) - For the quick note or reminder!!!!
  5. Create or revise a filing system!
    • I used a plastic carrying case from Staples and filled it with labeled patterned folders for various items.
    • So crucial for keeping important school statements, tax/job statements, previous study guides to tests (great for midterms/finals!!), etc.
    • Everything in one place, but still separate and organized maybe by date or subject inside!
 This was by far one of my most fun posts for me anyway because I'm not sitting in a room that is clean and way LESS cluttered and it's just really nice to start a new month like this! (: Let me know how your organization is going and have a good Wednesday, dears. :)  PS. HI ALL YOU NEW FOLLOWERS! Feel free to let me get to know you in the comments! Yay :)


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