March 20, 2011

Missing in action.

I've been missing. I guess the good thing about that is I don't feel alone in having to take a break from the blog world. I've been busy beyond belief with my final two weeks of this block. (Le Cordon Bleu is organized into 6 week blocks of classes.) I've had something (or two) due every day, so it's been quite overwhelming. But I'm eagerly anticipating Spring Break to come on Thursday!! Amidst the studying I am going to try to get up some new posts, just so my mind doesn't go insane with everything in these textbooks.

I'm pretty excited about a few things, one of them being that the Blockbuster in my old town is closing, so all the movies were $5.99, New Releases too, so I snagged a few!!
And speaking of snagging a new things and the ending of the 6 week block, I headed to Staples to get new school supplies to be ready when April 4th comes around and I'm in Introduction to Baking!!!!
An adorable turquoise 1 Subject Notebook, my favorite pens: multicolored Staedtler Triplus Fineliners, a set of mini striped journals, clicky highlighters, and a red star stamp...for no apparent reason. :) This post had no point to it, at all, I guess just to let you all know that I'm still alive!! I'm very much alive and excited and everything is seriously great. :) If you ever wonder if I'm still alive again, follow me on twitter: @daniellefaz or on tumblr: ! Because even when I'm MIA here, I'm surely not MIA there. :)

I hope you had a good weekend, lovelies!! I'm excited to get back to posting! Yayyy! Wish me luck on my finals. :)

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