March 22, 2011

Stylish Blogger

Ah! I've always wanted to get a cute little blog award and just a few days ago the wonderful Malori of Sunday Morning Sugar tagged me! That girl is probably my favorite blogger and my biggest blog inspiration. She always posts the cutest things and just is an all around sweetheart! Ironically, her and I are from the same city and she used to take dance class with my cousin! Such a small world. I digress :), if you haven't checked out her blog. YOU MUST. I think I say it enough, but just once more for good measure, you have to check it out!

According to the blog award rules, I'm supposed to share seven random facts about myself with you so here they are:

  1. I could live in skinny jeans, Converse, and v-neck t-shirts. I always feel so good in all of those items!
  2. I'm constantly craving change, usually in the form of nail polish and hair colors!
  3. Before I make MOST purchases, I research research research especially beauty products. I read dozens of reviews, watch youtube videos, compare prices, etc. It's kind of ridiculous.
  4. I abbreviate as many words as I can. I once made a list on my phone of all the words I abbreviate and it was over 30.
  5. I definitely prefer to spend my nights and weekends at home either with my family or alone. I don't like going out unless I get to dress up and get dolled up!
  6. Typically, I blast music much louder than necessary in my car. I have about 15 mix cd's in my car and they all have my favorite songs on them, so that I always can get happy singing loudly and sometimes dancing to them while driving!
  7. Whenever I pose for pictures, I automatically throw my head to side and pop my hand on my hip. It's natural for me.
 (Taken yesterday with my aunt for her birthday.)
I will also nominate:
Okay, so as finals week nears to a close thank goodness, I will be doing two really great posts this week at least!! One of them is my facial cleansing routine because I think I have FINALLY perfected it for me and the second is a recipe post for these amazing amazing lemon cupcakes BAKED IN FLOWER SHAPED CUPCAKE LINERS I made for my aunt's birthday yesterday!!
So look out for those posts!! I'm so excited that I only have two more days of class and can once again resume my life here in the blog world!! :) Have a good Tuesday, darlings!! :)


  1. oh danielle! thank you so much I am so flattered!!!
    xoxo em!!!

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  3. I definitely do the same with music in the car. One time I was driving and "Whip My Hair" came on and I was in such a good mood, I just started whipping my hair and the guy next to me saw me and started laughing so hard. Worse thing was, the window wasn't even open, so I probably just looked crazy... ah well. haha