March 9, 2011

Wednesday Wants: butter LONDON

I was going to make this post all handbag and tote bag themed, but then I realized I've truly been on a nail polish binge lately. I love Springtime nail colors. I love being able to ditch the dark drab nails for the presh pastels that make your nails permanently look like Easter eggs. I've been totally lusting after this one color called No More Waity Katie, named for none other than my second favorite Kate: Kate Middleton, who finally got engaged to Prince William. It's a seriously perfect. It's like a gray with lilac shimmer throughout. But then I got to look through the rest of the semi-pricey butter LONDON nail polishes or "lacquers," as they are called in the UK and I fell in love with so many freakin' colors!!
Yummy Mummy

I think it's not just the fun of painting my nails, but it's the NAMES!! These are definitely no exception, there's a lot of British slang and I love it. I frequently wish I had a British accent and use words like Minger and Snog all the time!! If you want a good laugh, click through to read the color descriptions for some of these. I hope you lovelies are having a great week, it's half over, YAAY!! xx

P.S. Hello all my new followers!! I'd love to get to know you guys better, so leave me comments and whatnot. :)

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