June 17, 2011

Beauty Forum & Friday I'm in Love

I don't think I've stopped being excited since this all came about on Wednesday night! Hannah asked me to be a part of a beauty tumblr she was planning on creating. I instantly said yes and all these wonderful ideas started to flow from my head and hers through countless emails. Beauty Forum was born that night. Most of you have seen my tweets, our tumblr posts, my video on my youtube channel, but in case you haven't, I'll share with you what you can expect from us. We're currently answering beauty questions, offering product/website reviews, tutorials, our inspiration, our tips and our favorites.  Hannah and I aren't strangers to the beauty world. We spend a lot of time talking about it, researching new products, watching beauty gurus on youtube, etc. We're excited to be offering our insight to those willing to hear it via Beauty Forum. Definitely go follow us if you're interested in anything beauty or are looking for a boost in your beauty routine!

And to keep up with tradition, it is friday. Ya'll know the song, "Friday I'm in Love," so I always share what I've been loving this week. Besides the obvious one, Beauty Forum, of course, I have a few others. :) One of them is featured in the above picture of myself on my lips!! NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams have taken over my life. The one on my lips in the picture is called San Paulo, but they have 10 other wonderful colors. They're not lipglosses, but they aren't quite lipsticks. They're so moisturizing and so pigmented and long wearing and only $6. Seriously, check them out at your nearest Ulta!!!

1. Cooper, everyone knows about my precious two year old Japeke puppy, but he's seriously one of the sweetest things ever. This week has had more downs than ups and he's been there to cuddle with. Yesterday after a long fight with my dad on the phone, I broke down on the floor of the kitchen in sobbing yucky tears and Cooper came right up next to me and snuggled into my chest. It was so comforting even coming from a dog. :)

2. Thirteen Reasons Why, I bought this book for my Nook this morning and I'm already thirty pages away from finishing. I can't really describe it. There's always B&N reviews for that. It is just so moving to see how someone can affect another life so profoundly and not even have a clue. I highly recommend it!

3. Dad, It's been a rough week for us, for our relationship. But it was also his birthday on Monday and it's Father's Day on Sunday, so I can't help, but think of everything he's done for me.

4. Pretty Little Liars, I'VE BEEN WAITING SO LONG FOR THIS CREEPY, GUILTY PLEASURE TO COME BACK AND IT DID ON TUESDAY! I'm so so SO excited for the season. Seriously, the show is so mindlessly captivating. You'll want to keep watching (ABC Family, Tuesday Nights, if you're interested haha)

I hope you all had really good weeks and have satisfying weekends! xx

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