July 17, 2011


Hi strangers, I feel like I've abandoned Blogger for new territory. I haven't. I've just been in a weird funk. Beauty Forum is great second home for me. It's a wonderful outlet for my beauty world, but Blogger, this blog will always be my home.

I know I talked in my pre 20th birthday post about the struggles I had with school thinking they would end there and they did not. The academic transfer was smooth, but the financial one was not. You'd think paying almost half the amount would make it so simple. It wasn't. People become very difficult once they begin to realize they're going to be losing money for the school. Yucky. Last week I started my Baking Principles and Viennoiserie section which is basically Carbs 101, all breads. I don't enjoy Breads. They're not for the impatient (namely me!). They're tasty when finaaaally finished though. ;) Besides diving into the world of breads, I've been struggling to find a job with my parents on my case about it every morning, noon, and night. It's annoying.

Oh well, I must keep thinking that once I get a job, that means money, and money means makeup and savings for an apartment. I offish will be graduating on February 17th, 2012 which is in exactly 7 months! OH MY GOODNESS SO EXCITING! I cannot even handle it. I don't know what I'm going to do then or what city I want to live in. I really don't. I have a lot of plans to travel on my own some before I settle down and start my ventures into the real baking world. Besides having my adventures, my whole family and I will be traveling to Barcelona in June 2012 for a 12 day cruise around the Mediterranean, which I'm anticipating to be the time of my life. I don't know how I could even be in a funk with all of this exciting stuff happening all around me to be honest.

Hannah and I are working diligently on Beauty Forum. We're answering/researching questions constantly, dreaming up new ideas, and scheming new ways to expand. So please, check us out. I've also been posting a lot of videos on my Youtube channel - DanielleCuppycakes, which has been such a fun outlet. Who ever thought I could have fun talking to myself? hahah, but seriously I am having a blast. I may be in a weird funk, but I have nothing to complain about when I'm surrounded by so many fun opportunities and amazing people.

I'm so happy to be back to my blog. I've missed you all so much. I logged on to find 40 followers!! I'm so grateful for each and every one of you for sticking by me. Look out for more posts and when I'm not posting here, check out Beauty Forum, my twitter, and my youtube because chances are that I'll be in one or more of those places!! Love you guys! xx


  1. I know you feel like you're in a rut, but things are going well. 7 months and then we'll get to MEET!!! :)
    Love you lady!

  2. UM YES! Best thing to get me out of a rut ever!