August 27, 2011

Favorite Pictures: August

Seriously, I CANNOT BELIEVE AUGUST IS OVER. I know. It's September next Thursday and I'm kind of not ready. Summer is finished, but on a brighter note I am one month closer to graduation. I thoroughly enjoy the end of the month because of my favorites: pictures and then of course my favorite products video (which is already filmed and edited, just waiting to upload!) August was a really exciting month. Lots of fun firsts and happy memories.

 Courtney & I as Santana & Rachel, respectively
 The Girls before Glee Live 3D at Midnight: Nicole (Quinn), Alyssa (Emma), Me, & Court
 Best Friend Bathroom Pictures
 All of Us including Curtis as Finn and Charles as Artie
 Mets Game. Mmm hubby, David Wright going up to bat.
 We can all see who my favesie is.
 Boy and I outside his house
 Yes, he lost. :)
Badminton girls
 Kissy pictures
And fishy pictures.

 D-backs game
 Challah bread
 Gateau St Honore with spun sugar on top
Apricot Bavarian Cream Chocolate Cake
Half eaten piece of said cake in our freezer ;)


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