July 26, 2010

Keep Calm.

Good morning kids! I'm very excited to say this is my second year not having to wake up and go to school at the end of July. This is a pleasant excitement to say the least because now I'm home alone in the mornings and I can go run and whatnot without worrying about where anyone else is. And today ALEX COMES HOME after like forever, okay it's been a few weeks, but it feels much longer and it's probably been that long since I've seen my best friend, Sam, so we're also catching up today which is awesome!! I did a lot of cleaning yesterday in response to this new book I'm reading that I HIGHLY recommend, The Happiness Project. In quick summary, this lady didn't think she was as happy as she could be, she did a ton of research of past and present views on happiness, then created her own year long plan on being happier by focusing on a different category each month of the year. January started with energy, she talked about how de-cluttering just boosted her energy. I cleaned out my closet and woah throwing out so much unnecessary crap felt SO good.  I won't give too much away about the book, only as it affects my life in general. I'm hoping this week will be better than last! Cross your fingers for some contracts!!

Yeah, that's how I feel about not having any yet.
(I MADE THAT!!!! I feel mega accomplished.)

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