July 28, 2010

Meet HSHC.

Hello eager beavers. :) I've been so anxious for this post and it's finally here. THE BIG PROJECT. Please ignore the out of control-ness of my hair. (Humidity + thick + up all day = this...)
Meet Home Sweet Home Cupcakes

Email: homesweethomecupcake@gmail.com
Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chandler-AZ/Home-Sweet-Home-Cupcake/115331048516528?ref=ts

Above are my two logos thought up by Trey, but made real by my brother. I'm in the process of getting the corresponding etsy up and running for the grand opening in a few weeks (fingers crossed!). I'm working on so many new flavors (Boston Cream & Smores, anyone!?) and hopefully designing custom made boxes for my half dozen and dozen cupcakes. I will give the option of choosing a mix of flavors or hand choosing exactly which flavors you'll want. As of right now, I will not be able to ship because of the new-ness of all of this, I am just not ready for that preparation especially in the Arizona heat. Cream cheese frosting just won't fare well being shipped just yet. I will be marketing to the other real estate agents in my parents office as "closing gifts" for clients for pick up or delivery (for a small extra fee). Of course I'll be up for any other companies/people in the area looking for a unique and tasty gift for clients, friends, or family for any occasion. I'm so very excited about everything. Once I get my business cards, you'll be the second or third to see them :). My own idea will be adorning the front as seen by my sketch below.

(duh it's me.)
All of this happiness cannot truly be expressed by words in one post. Tonight I made that bag you see above using this tutorial I will post. It was so much fun. All of this has been such a wonderful whirlwind and I'm glad I've finally gotten to share it with you. I'll definitely keep you updated on progress on HSH because it's truly one of the few things that's actually constantly on my mind. Eeep totally awesome. 
Good night friends. :) 

P.S. The canvas sharpie bag as promised!


  1. so cute, i love it! mmm cupcakes :)

  2. ahh thank you!! :) just followed your blog, so adorable. I love the name! :)