July 29, 2010

Navy and Stripes = Obsession.

It's kind of weird that I've never like featured any of my outfits because fashion to me has always been huge. I literally spend forever in the morning picking out something perfect even though I'm usually only going to work and I sit behind a desk.  I've been looking out for really sensible items. (I know me being sensible? haha.) But I've been looking for versatile items that are more thrifty and can be used in a wide variety of situations because I will be doing real estate full time in the fall. I need to look more professional and less like a 19 year old and somehow keep my style, me. It's proven difficult because I don't like to be matchy matchy with patterns and I don't like pencil skirts or suits. It's just not me. I've done a lot of shopping at Ross lately and usually I found nothing of interest to me because everything is so cheaply made that the fabric just doesn't feel right on my body. But I came across three adorable dresses and bought them for under $30 altogether. Here is one of them.

Striped Navy Dress - Ross ($14?)
Nude Wedges - H&M ($25)
Navy Bow - Forever 21 ($1.99)
Black Imitation Ray Bans - Styles for Less (2 for $10)
Ivory & Black Tote - Urban Outfitters ($58)

Just reading the prices of those made me feel so much thriftier than I felt wearing it. :) Yesterday was probably the best outing to get my mind off of the week that I've had, which is SO wonderful. Alex, being the amazing gentleman he is, treated Sam and I to lunch at Elephant Bar. It was awesome for him to be home and for us to just talk about everything. I talked a lot about the cupcake shop, which I've seriously kept under wraps even from two of my best friends. Then we just shopped around the mall, took silly pictures, and just enjoyed each other's company. When I dropped them both off, I got to really thinking how much I'll really miss them when they leave which will probably be the hardest thing. But they are both onto bigger and better things in their lives and I'm so proud of them for taking these leaps into the unknown and just going for it. It has always been such a blessing to have friends who have the same go getter outlook on life that I have.  :)

I didn't have one of the three of us together, sad. :(

As for right now, I'm in the middle of choosing the staple of my new bedroom: my bedding. (Mom didn't go for the $200 Anthro navy bedding :( ) I'll keep you updated. Keep following and keep loving life. Have a good Thursday!