July 18, 2010

Money, money, money!

Doing certain tasks that are like chores can actually be really freeing. In my quest to plan for this fall my dad and stepmom urged me to start a budget (something I never wanted to do). I know I'm a shopaholic and it's not just clothes, it's everything at every store. I can find things to buy at Walgreens after being there for a few minutes, trust me I checked my checking account. I started out with their assignment for me: creating a budget for August. I got a simple pre made template and I put in all the expenses that I thought would make sense and put in my projected income for the month and yikes it did not leave me much to work with. I think the scarier part was when I looked at how much I spent in July. I broke it into categories: dining out (fast food), shopping (accessories & clothing), car expenses, and random unnecessary shopping. A lot on food. Way more on clothing and accessories. Almost double clothing and accessories and you get unnecessary shopping at Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Walgreens, cooking stores, and grocery stores. Effff and I didn't even add up my spending in Disneyland.
It was the biggest reality check ever. I've been spending money like mad and truly taking advantage of having more money. Now I've been looking at bigger purchases like a new laptop or cell phone and they just aren't possible right now and that sucks. Blah. Oh well. This is another reason my life needs a serious overhaul. I'm just mega mega stressed and I just found out that my first dog Mikey, an old fat Dachshund is possibly being put to sleep tomorrow to add to my mess of frustration. :( The sun is coming soon, I KNOW IT!

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