July 30, 2010

My heart is full and my door is always open.

I feel a little bit of 50's, a little flirty, and a lot of fun. Meet the new me!
This picture looks retarded, but yes my hair is all chopped off. Eeep. It feels nice. Today has been a lot of change. I transitioned from the front desk to the back office until my new place is revealed. I am very excited and a little worried to say what I've decided for this fall. Much to most people's dismay I will not be going back to ASU for Fall '10. I am taking a semester off, get everything together, and figure out what I want. Yes, I've heard all of the reasons not to: I'll never go back, I will never get anywhere, and I look like a drop out. But for me, it's the best thing for my life right now and I just want support. I will be focusing on bringing HSHC off the ground, doing real estate, and starting in a new position as Assistant Office Manager of the Walk-In Revelation Real Estate office which is SO very exciting. It will give me all the flexibility and time I want, but still the structure of a steady job. I have yet to express this interest to my mother. I don't know what to say or how to say it or even when to say it. :(

Only time will tell, but I'm excited to see how everything pans out. And just to feed my craving for rain and storms like yesterday here's a little something to say good night with. I enjoyed blasting, "She Will Be Loved," in my car with the door opened while I totally let go and just danced in the pouring, storming, wonderful rain yesterday.


  1. Your hair is so cute! And I adore maroon 5 :)

  2. Ahh thank you! Maroon 5 rocks so much. :)