August 2, 2010

Adventures in Life & in Love.

Just a quickie post. A lot of people criticize the Bachelor/Bachelorette reality television show. Yes, no reality show can truly be all REAL with no editing and tweaking and exaggerating, but another criticism is that nobody can find true love in two months especially not with competition. I was a skeptic like that, but tonight after watching the finale, I realized that I did. I fell for Trey, so fast and so hard. We said I love you faster than most, but we felt it faster than most. So yes, even on reality TV, even in real life, love can come that fast and that hard and people can know they're in love. I know I'll now get the even more skeptical of those who say show me the proof that these relationships last, yeah there's not much for these shows, but everyday I prove you wrong.

It's hard. It's so hard especially after a long time together. But a wise man once told me, "most couples that last a long time is because they have adventures with one another and grow together as people, not individuals." And it reminded me of Ellie and Carl, a couple that closely mirrors Trey and I. I think even when I wake up in the morning after going to bed so upset, I know being with him is the best thing I've ever been with and it makes me SO happy. I'm so happy. I'm extremely blessed.


This post was all over the freaking place, but with one central theme that I needed to express to Trey and mostly myself, I want my adventures to be with Trey always.

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