August 4, 2010

Broken Chest of Drawers in 107 Degrees.

Day 2: Something you have to forgive yourself for and something you have to forgive someone for.
Forgive myself - things that I have no control over, that were never my fault in the first place. Losing them.
Forgive someone - the horrible things she said and did to me after calling herself my sister.

That honestly felt so good. EEP! rocking. Okay, so I'm getting ready for work and getting excited for a froyo date at 3 with my trio. Yesterday was alright. Trey and I showed a house together and then on the way home saw a broken chest of drawers for free in front of someone's house. I fell in love and then it wouldn't fit in my car. So we drove to pick up Trey's truck and got it!! I was so excited. I called it an adventure, even though it really wasn't. It felt like it and I liked just being together doing something I consider spontaneous. (for me of course)
We brought it home after work and mom freaked about having this "crap" in my room mixing with her expensive Thomasville furniture. Whatevers. So she banished it to the garage, but mark my words it will become something AMAZING for my new room soon...

TTYL and please share any ideas you have for my forlorn chest of drawers. I know I've been looking on DIY crafting sites all morning. 


  1. Fix it up to be as sturdy as you possibly can to hold your things first. From there, possibilities are endless! You can:

    a) paint the chest of drawers (one color or patterns)
    b) add cute knobs (houseware section at Anthropologie is great)
    c) decorate the draw with lace and fabric
    d) add decals
    e) add METAL decals
    f) whatever you want!

    Anyways, I'm following..

    Alyse Tea Rose

  2. Thank you SO much. I saw those knobs, they're so adorable. I'm following you too. :)