August 6, 2010

New things and awesome highs.

I've become a DIY freak. It started out as wanderblogging and then, yeah I spent hours and hours looking for adorable projects. It was hardly time wasted. I stayed up so late. This week has been so wonderful. The Froyo date was so much fun. I love being with my trio. We're all so alike and it makes me for a lot of laughs and stupid stories.
I also found the magic of film again in the form of a cheap disposable camera. The pictures look so much cooler, not clearer, but just very much real life. I love it. You'll definitely be seeing more of these types now even though I have a perfectly good working digital camera. ;)
Yesterday I started my new position permanently at the WUSA Walmart Walk In location as the director of marketing and assisting. I feel much more independent and it feels SO good. I love having the freedom to do work on my own, revamp old projects and make them my own, and of course do real estate full time which is the big reason for the move. I will still have income coming in while I'm testing out the waters in real estate with Trey and baking to my hearts content! I ordered the ordering boxes and the dozen little sleeves for each box yesterday! THEY'RE PINK and so perfect. 

I think the most perfect part of my job is the flexibility. I work from 10 to 2 M-T and Saturdays. Today is officially MY FIRST DAY OFF! Ahhhh. Exciting. Trey and I are continuing our fun adventures from yesterday to today. It's gonna be great. I'm excited for everything and I love people trying to bring me down. It's just not gonna happen because all of this new is such a high. Yes! Speaking of highs, baking with cinnamon. I love the smell of it. I baked the best Snickerdoodle cupcakes on Wednesday if I do say so myself. But they were so good.

Okay, I'm gonna go now because I have to for sure wash and dry my hair. Short hair is very difficult to manage sometimes. Who knew? 

Day 03 → Something you hope to do in your life and something you hope you never have to do.
Hope to Do - Open up my own cupcake bakery and have my children work there.
Hope I never have to Do - Shoot a gun to protect myself. (Reminded me because of Trey's obsession with buying guns... future cop, what can I do)

Day 04 → Someone who has made your life worth living for and someone who made your life hell.
Someone who made Life worth living for - Dad.  He has done SO much for me and encouraged me in everything.
Someone who made Life hell - I don't think I've ever had someone go that far. My mom makes things REALLY difficult, but not a living hell.

Have a good day kids. (5 FOLLOWERS AS OF TODAY!!! YES YES YES)


  1. I loveeeeeeee that "let's spend the day holding hands" painting. I am going to DIY the shit out of that this weekend!!!!!!!!! So cute :) (also, don't feel creepy commenting on my blog so much. I adore it and am not creeped out in the least. I read your blog every day!)

  2. Ahh I know so adorable. Haha thanks, I don't feel quite as bad now.

  3. those cupcakes looks so cute! and, I love those boxes! I have an obsession with cute packaging!!

  4. ahh thank you! I do too, so it was definitely a task to find the perfect ones.