September 22, 2010

Wednesday Wants.

I want to be in Paris in the fall, but that want is not quite the possibility right now, so I'm settling for bringing Paris to me in the form of wonderful fashion. Thank you Gossip Girl and your WONDERFUL costume coordinators.

It's all so glamourous and wonderfully chic. I'm loving the blazer over the feminine dress, especially this one:
or maybe this one:

Paired with these, possibly:
Diane Von Furstenburg
actually, DEFINITELY, if I could of course. 

I also wanted to share a little secret that may come off tacky, but I think is actually totally smart and perfect for plenty of occasions where you're looking for JUST the perfect outfit. It's called Rent The Runway and that's literally what you're doing. The site boasts the phrase, "love, wear, return," for those of us who want to dress like Serena and Blair, but just don't have that cash in our clutch. Have I tried it before? No. I saw the ad on the CW online and read lots of really reputable reviews. Will I try it for my next event? Probably. These dresses are gorgeous, but $900 is a little out of my price range for a one night thing. If you've used it or heard of it, let me know.

Also, keep following. The giveaway is coming at 25 followers, I've got 11 right now! Keep it up guys, just click that little button!! Yay. Happy Wednesday, especially for me. The girls won our second regionals match 7-2 and we've got another tomorrow! Fingers CROSSED!

Nightie night. :)


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  1. some fun fashion finds you have here, esp the polka-dot, one-strap dress. love it.

    have a great weekend, friend. :)