January 31, 2011

Culinary Conversations.

This is really REALLY freaking exciting for me. Tomorrow, okay in 1 hour, it will FEBRUARY. I don't even know where January went. I really don't know where the time went from October 2nd until this point. In two weeks, I'll be sitting at my computer, blogging about my very first day in culinary school. That is absolutely thrilling. I've waited more than months and months to figure out what I really wanted and now it's here. It's closer than ever.

I'd like to formally announce a very new piece of my blog that will be one of the most fun things I've ever done. It isn't going to be on a specific day or time, just as I see fit. It's called Culinary Conversations. I've already had a lot of questions about how the experience started and I know I will get more, the further I dive into the program. I don't know what I'll talk about and I don't want to limit myself now. This first post is going to be an FAQ and a little glimpse into my preparations for this experience.

Currently, I'm organizing my school supplies (notebooks, pens, and my planner) and preparing for my orientation of sorts on Saturday morning! It's getting so real right now. On Saturday, I will have the opportunity to register for my classes, get sized for my uniform, get my school id, and *fingers crossed* meet people. It's what I assume to be the usual college orientation experience that I already had at ASU, just at a new place that happens to have chef hats!

Q: What school will you be attending?
A: Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts.
Q: What are you studying/what is the program you are in?
A: I will be studying to obtain my Associates in Patisserie and Baking.

Q: How long is the program & when will you graduate?
A: I am starting on February 14th in the 84 week program and I'm set to graduate in November 2012.
Q: How much is tuition?
A: Tuition varies depending upon the program you choose and the length of the program. I would rather not publicly discuss how much I'm paying, but if you email me, I would be happy to answer. 

Q: How did you apply?
A: I applied online at their website and was almost immediately contacted by an amazing admissions representative who has been fabulous through this whole process.
Q: Do your parents/family support you?
A: Yes, my dad has always encouraged me to go this route, but until recently my mom was skeptical and not always supportive of what I wanted. She has since become very involved and excited for me. They've both (in addition to the rest of my family and friends) have embraced the constant treats they receive.
Q: Did you ever doubt going to culinary school or think about not going after all?
A: I'm no stranger to indecision and this wasn't an exception. I was mostly scared about not being good enough or not having enough experience. Not only did my admissions counselor relieve these worries, but Trey has been the biggest supporter and encourager. He's wanted this for me from the beginning. Having someone to confide in and share your worries with has been essential for me. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to send them my way & I'll answer them too! (danielle@realtyrevelation.com) Today I decided to skip Day 11, it was copy and paste one of your most recent im conversations, and I really just didn't want to because #1. my conversations aren't that interesting and usually #2. they're personal.  So here's Day 12.

Day 12: Three things you want to change.
  1. No longer be unemployed: I would love to find a retail job or a job in a bakery of sorts. I've been looking like crazy and coming up empty all the time. *Fingers crossed* that something just pops up!
  2. Be satisfied with where I am right now: I'd love to say that I'm completely content with everything right now, but that's physically impossible. I'd love to be on my own, but I know that right now living at home is best for me and for my wallet and everything will happen in time.
  3. Pray more: I really would like to make this a primary goal. I know that relying on God through the good times and the trials will only strengthen me. :)
Ahhh I'm so excited for tomorrow's post!!! You'll know soon enough I guess ;). Have a good night darlings.


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