February 1, 2011

Hearts and Tarts for Girls!

I may not currently be attached to someone, but there's no reason I can't get ridiculously excited about the excess of hearts available in all shapes and styles everywhere in February. There will be plenty of posts this month relating to this lovely holiday of red, sparkles, hearts, love, and chocolates! This first one will be a three part "gift" post. This one will revolve around buying for girls (a helpful hint for the loves in your life) or for your best friends or mom's.

 Glee Season 2 Volume 1 DVD: Barnes and Noble ($23.99 online only)
 Betsey Johnson Pink Hearts Enamel Hinged Bangle: Nordstrom ($30)
 Yedi "Inside Out Hearts" Cup & Saucer Set: Nordstrom ($50)
 Fannie May 1lb Heart Box Assorted Chocolates: Fannie May ($24.99)
 X & O's Valentine's Pillow Set: Etsy ($58)
 Monogrammed Sterling Silver Ring: Etsy ($33.99)
 Heartbeater Whisk: Fredflare ($12)
 Disney Couture Prince Charming Necklace: Fredflare ($98)
 Love is...All Around Book: Fredflare ($15.95)
 Measure Your Love Cups: Fredflare ($14)
 West Avenue Monogram Disk Necklace in Gold Filled: Max & Chloe ($105)
 Philosophy "Sweet on You" Set: Sephora ($25)
 Heart Shaped Ruby Ring: Helzberg ($49.99)
 Venus Ring in Silver/Pewter: Brighton ($48)

The Lo-Down Book: Barnes & Noble ($9.99)
Bling Athletic Sleepshirt: Victoria's Secret Pink ($26.50)

Glossy Heart Cosmetic Bag in Red: Forever 21 ($4.80)

Okay, that concludes the extensive first gift post! If you haven't found anything to put on your wishlist or it's a little bit out of your price range, HOLD TIGHT! There's definitely more coming. ;)



  1. My favorite holiday! I'm doing a "Single girl's guide to loving Valentine's day" later this week :)

  2. Yess mine too!!! I'm looking forward to it! :)

  3. what super cute goodies you posted!

  4. you should do a "what to get your boyfriend" post too! :) this one was so cute!