March 3, 2011

Spring Fashion Essentials

Typically, my favorite season to dress for is Winter. But let me just tell you, I'm over winter, completely over it. Arizona typically has a wonderful winter, chilly enough for a pea coat and scarf, but when I'm scraping ice off my window every morning, it's no longer cool with me. (See what I did there? ha) I find myself lusting for sunshine and shorts everyday and I think it's coming soon enough. It was just about 80 yesterday which was just fine with me!

I'm really excited about all the trends and colors for this spring!! If you look at my set above, you'll see the colors I'm seriously loving: corals and turquoises. They're everywhere. I think my favorite place to add them are in fun accessories like that big cocktail ring or that statement bubble necklace. I've definitely got my eye on that dress though for Easter or a surprise party I have coming up later this month.

Stripes and nautical seem to be everywhere too, but I feel like I've been there, done that, the entire Fall season. I'm going to be focusing on my neutrals in wedges, RL tees, and presh Sperry's to add that pop of coral or turquoise to. Of course, you'll see me rocking Essie Turquoise & Caicos on my nails over Spring Break and the weekends!!! If you'd like to know where I found any of those items, click through to my set and all the info is there! Oh how I love Polyvore!

Let me know what your Spring essentials are and give me thoughts on the more simplistic new layout. (Header & Buttons coming soon!!) Have a good Friday, dolls!

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