March 4, 2011


I woke up this morning feeling so super sick with a sore throat, stuffy nose, the whole nine yards. I had to miss my very first practical today which sucks because I was so excited to make something even if it was JUST mayonnaise and I don't even like mayo. I spent most of the day in bed with the exception of going to drop off Matthew at school this morning and then picking him up this afternoon. I decided to treat him and Cooper to a park day right by our house. Tomorrow you'll get my February Favorites because it's already March 4th, but today will just be fun pictures of Schnook, Coop, and Me.
 {Both very excited}
 {He gets his random sporadic dancing from me obviously}
 {Letting him slide down head first}
 {Pushing him on the swing}
 {Baby C}
 {So freaking presh}
 {One of the lakes by the park}
 {A rare picture with his eyes semi open}
 {Cooper loves going down the slide}
 {Danielle & Matthew}

I hope you're all enjoying your Fridays! Xo.

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