April 1, 2011

March Favorites!

Is it really April already? I feel like it's a joke that the calendar is playing on me, but it really is. (PS. HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!) I've had quite a bit of free time these past two days due to a really stupid, stupid mistake that I made on Wednesday. Goodness gracious, I'm even embarrassed to share it. I'm blaming our lack of food in the house on my minor second degree burns. It was Wednesday afternoon and I was starving, so I had the option of skipping lunch, eating the same cereal I had for breakfast (Special K, blehh), or Ramen. None of the above sounded appetizing, but I chose the Ramen. 5 minutes later I was pouring the pot of noodles and broth into a bowl and carrying it to the couch. This is usually where I eat my Ramen when nobody is home. So I pressed play on Netflix - Bones Season 1 Episode 2 and waited for it to cool on my lap. The rest is a really scorching hot blur. It spilled from my belly button down my thighs. It was SCALDING HOT, like I can't even express how much I was screaming and how high I threw the bowl in the air. I tore off my shirt and jeans (TMI whatevs) and jumped in the closest bath tub filling up with cool water. There was no skin around my belly button or on my right thigh. I was crying hysterically while texting Trey about what I should do. It hurt so so so bad, obviously and I had jeans and a blanket covering my legs and a shirt on, so wow. Long story short, I look and feel like a hot mess, literally. (No, that really happened, it's not an April Fool's Joke)

I applaud you if you read that whole mess of a mistake. I've been in bed for two days wearing super loose clothing and taking Ibuprophen. It's a really crappy feeling especially not that my belly button area is all red and pink and my thigh is all blistered. I'll spare you pictures! Yuck! SO, now that you've read all that nonsense, you get to hear about my March favorites. haha I feel like you deserve some reward after reading that.

  • L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara: I don't splurge on mascara's, my cousin lives for them, I don't because most don't do much for my tiny lashes anyway. I stumbled upon this one, on sale at Walgreens and picked it up! It rocks! Seriously, my lashes look so much longer and fuller with just one coat, hence "Million Lashes," I guess. It lasts all day & it's def a keeper!
  • Clean & Clear Oil Free Deep Cleaning Astringent: I'm not much for strong toners. I really don't care for them because they usually burn and do nothing for me. I happen to love this one. I've used it's sister the blue sensitive skin, but I definitely prefer this one because it actually feels like it's working hence the reason it made a permanent spot on my skin care routine!!
  • Clean & Clear Pore Perfecting Moisturizer: To be completely honest, I've never been into moisturizers because my skin is so oily in some places. This one is fabulous. It dries so quick and it isn't gooey or sticky or wet feeling. I absolutely hate that, so it's def a plus that it dries so quick and smooth. AND great for spring and summer it has SPF 15 and is oil free!! GREAT! :)
  • Mac Bombshell Lipstick: I got this color in a Back2Mac this month and have fallen head over heels for it. I wear it almost everyday honestly. It's a perfect bright pinky peach that adds the most wonderful springy pop of color! It says it's a Frost, but it definitely is way more pigmented than most of the Mac Frost lipsticks that I own.
  • OPI San Tan-tonio: THIS COLOR IS AMAZING!!! It's from the brand new Texas collection and it goes on almost completely opaque with the first coat. It's a wonderful neutral tan that compliments most every skin tone, but isn't over the top at all! I honestly planned to wear a lot of different colors over spring break, but I've found myself constantly repolishing this one!! Here's what it looks like on my nails!
  • Maybelline Mineral Power Powder Foundation in Sandy Beige: I hated this stuff as a foundation to be honest (too dark and a little cakey), but then when I ran out of bronzer I just decided to start swirling a kabuki in this for some added color instead of using Mac Studio Fix to set my foundation. I loved it. It gave me color that matched my newly tanned body without looking fake! 
  • Star stamp: This is my one non beauty product, just something silly. I got this red star stamp from Staples one day and have been using it mostly to stamp my hand when I need a little perking up. I also used it for good luck on my finals next to my name. (I aced both, btw!) So it's a little stupid, but a lot of fun! Isn't that what counts? :)
I'm kind of really excited for April! I go back to school on Monday, BASEBALL SEASON STARTING, and then Easter is in a few weeks and Trey is coming home for a few after being gone since New Year's Day!!! I'm a little excited. What are you most excited for in April? Share it with me in the comments and have a good April 1st, lovelies.

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